Basic rules for the Matylda Most campsite


  • Opening hours for accommodation are from 8:00 to 20:00 at the reception of the complex.
  • Visitors who arrive at the campsite after 20:00 are required to report the following day between 08:00 and 10:00 at the reception of the complex.
  • Upon arrival to the complex and before the start of the stay in the camp, each visitor or user of the camp is obliged to report to the reception or service staff, where he receives further instructions for accommodation and is obliged to pay all fees for the use of the camp.
  • The entrance to the designated area for the camp is marked with traffic and orientation signs.
  • The permit to enter the campsite must be permanently placed in the vehicle in a visible place.
  • The customer is not entitled to a refund if the stay is canceled during the stay.
  • The camp operator is not responsible for damage, theft of things left in vehicles, tents, caravans.
  • Dogs are allowed in the camp.

 Camp users are required:

  • Follow the operating rules of the camp.
  • Do not restrict or endanger other users of the campsite, especially refrain from loud speeches (shouting, singing and loud listening to radios and other sound equipment).
  • Keep quiet at night from 22:00 to 06:00.

 Other provisions:

  • Visitors to the camp are obliged to limit the stay of motor vehicles in the Matylda area to a minimum, to take extra care when entering and leaving the camp, especially when leaving the road.
  • Observe the maximum driving speed in the camp and the Matylda area, which is set at 10 km / h.
  • It is forbidden to wash vehicles in the camp.
  • It is forbidden to use light and sound effects with greater intensity in the camp.
  • The lighting of fires is allowed only in agreement with the administrator and in places designated for that purpose.
  • Visitors can be expelled for serious violations of the camp's operating rules without compensation for unused fees.


  • The device can be used only after agreement with the administrator.
  • Only charcoal or grill briquettes are allowed for grilling.
  • The loan of the grill grate is conditional on the payment of a refundable deposit of CZK 200 or € 10, after the return of the grill the deposit will be returned.
  • A sum of money will be paid for the destruction of the grill.

 Shower machines and  toilets:

  • The access code to the toilets and showers will be communicated to you at the reception. It is forbidden to share the access code with strangers (third parties).
  • The shower will start only after inserting a 5, 10 or 20 CZK.
  • We ask for strict adherence to cleanliness in shower cubicles and toilets.
  • We ask for consistent closing / locking of toilets and showers outside the operating hours, ie. from 20:00 - to 8:00.

 Barrier at the entrance to the campsite:

  • The barrier is located on the road before entering the complex.
  • The barrier is closed and locked every day at 22:00
  • After closing and locking the barrier, it is no longer possible to enter the premises by motor vehicles. At this time, access to the complex is only possible on foot.
  • The barrier is unlocked and open every day at 6:00

 Electrical energy:

  • A total of 26 electrical connections with a voltage of 230 V are installed in the campsite.
  • Rental of electrical connection can be arranged at the reception


  • Refreshment stalls are privately owned and do not fall under the administration of the premises or the operator.
  • The operating hours of these stalls depend on the weather and also on their operators, but they must be closed every day by 20:00

 Important telephone numbers:


+420 602 306 347

8:00 – 20:00

Operator CZ

+420 606 660 267



+420 155

The Municipal Police

+420 156